Soren Kierkegaard
The Mystique Of Prayer & Pray-er
George K. Bowers

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ISBN: 0788003011
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 143
Prayers of Kierkegeaard never before translated into English with special permission of the Det kongelige Bibliotek, Copenhagen, Denmark.
Translated by Lois S. Bowers and Edited by George K. Bowers

Here, for the first time in English translation, are original prayers of Soren Kierkegaard. In this volume is a rare look at the private spiritual life of the respected philosopher and theologian. Not only does it contain over 70 pages of Kierkegaard's prayers, it also reveals his view on the nature of prayer -- a spiritual gold mine to any believer.

The first ten chapters are the actual translated prayers of SK. Chapters 11-14 are commentaries and prayers written by editor George Bowers which were inspired by the Dane.

This memorable work of Dr. Bowers is not the usual thesis and antithesis of the critic but an original, perhaps even new, literary genre of writing that is more akin to a duet. Bowers moves along with Kierkegaard in a strange and fascinating twosome playing bright, confident, and affirming notes in harmony with Kierkegaard's dark and tantalizing notes of paradox.
V. Truman Jordahl, Ph.D.
Emeritus Chairman
Department of Philosophy and religion
Roanoke College

We are grateful to the Bowers for this timely piece on Kierkegaard on a theme (prayer) which pushes to the heart of his thought and faith. Perhaps, the best use for this book would be as a spiritual primer of its meaning and practice.
Lawrence D. Folkemer, Ph.D.
Emeritus Professor of Systematic Theology
Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg

George K. Bowers, a Lutheran pastor, has lectured at Bucknell University and served for 15 years as an adjunct professor at Roanoke College in the Department of Philosophy and Religion and the Department of Languages. He has served pastorates in Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

Lois S. Bowers has taught language and literature at various schools in Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania, and Virginia.