The Runway
Reflections On The Ten Commandments
Robert G. Tuttle

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ISBN: 0788003887
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 82
Suppose you are flying alone at night. It is stormy and you are lost. Your fuel is running low.... You are about to give up when suddenly there is a break in the clouds and there below you is a narrow string of lights. A place to land! Thank God! Would you be angry because the path between the lights is narrow? No! It guides you to life! With this opening statement in his introduction, Dr. Robert Tuttle leads to a fascinating study of the Ten Commandments.

These much-needed messages will become sermon fodder for pastors preparing a series on the commandments. Each one is well illustrated to hold both reader and listener interest.

Chapters include:
The Ten Commandments And The New Morality
False Gods And False People
The Rediscovery Of Reverence
The Christian Home, Our Hope For A New World
Life Yields Only To The Honest Man
Uncontrolled Desires Will Wreck Your Life
... and more!

Robert G. Tuttle is a graduate of Duke University where he received both the A.B. and M.Div. degrees. He earned the D.D. degree from High Point College. During those years he taught and coached track. A Methodist minister, he served a variety of congregations. He has also served on preaching missions in many foreign countries including England, New Zealand, South Africa, Cuba, South America, and Australia. In addition to numerous articles, he is the author of ten books.