The Great 'I Am'
Preaching The I Am Statements Of Jesus
Ronald J. Lavin

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ISBN: 0788005766
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Pages: 119
Who is Jesus Christ? These fourteen chapters answer that question in his own words: I AM the light of the world ... I AM the way, the truth and the life ... I AM the Good Shepherd ... I AM the alpha and the omega..., Why a book on the I AM sayings of Jesus? Because so much of our religious emphasis today focuses on "feeling more fulfilled ..." or "improving our relationships with others." While these are important and have their place in our discussions, this book puts the emphasis on the place of God in our lives.

The questions are practical: What shall I believe? What shall I do? And so Lavin writes for the people in the pews as well as for their pastors.

When Ron Lavin preaches it is close to the ground, relevant for the right now, absent of high-sounding theological verbiage, and reveals a big pastor's heart. Read the book for exhilarating ideas for your own preaching, digest the book one chapter at a time to gain a better understanding of what it means to be a follower of Christ in these turbulent, fast changing '90's. Prepare To Be Impressed.

Jerry L. Schmalenberger, President
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

Ronald J. Lavin is senior pastor of King of Glory Lutheran Church in Fountain Valley, California: He is an active, dynamic preacher and public speaker, conducting workshops and seminars in the areas of church growth and small group development throughout the western United States. He has served on boards of directors for LCA and ELCA national committees and seminaries. He is well-known for pastoring two congregations that have increased between 1,000 and 2,000 in membership during his tenure. He is the author of ten books (seven published by CSS) and numerous articles.