Way To Grow
Dynamic Church Growth Through Small Groups
Ronald J. Lavin

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ISBN: 0788007335
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 185
Nothing is more important for ministry today than small groups. (George Gallop, Jr., a Christian who conducts polls on political and religious matters, quoted in chapter one of this book.)

Lavin is quick to point out that this book is not merely about numerical growth. It is about nurturing spiritual growth, which in itself is a dynamic that leads to growth in numbers.

Use this publication as a workbook. The chapters each end with fascinating questions for consideration and group discussion.

Dr. Lavin offers five different kinds of group structures for discipleship development. Each is fully explored, offering the reader or study participant the opportunity to determine which style best fits their group. He also lists five essentials that must be present for any group to function effectively.

Lavin has had over 35 years of experience in the ministry, during which time he has refined the methods that are most successful in leading people to commitment and discipleship. This book is filled with fascinating anecdotes and stories that have grown out of his experience with congregations where impressive growth has taken place.

Dr. Ronald J. Lavin is Senior Pastor of King of Glory Lutheran Church, Fountain Valley, California. He previously served congregations in Indiana, Iowa, and Arizona. In each church where he served as pastor the membership doubled. He graduated cum laude from Carthage College, Northwestern Theological School of Theology and engaged in graduate studies at the Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago. Lavin has published twelve books and numerous magazine articles. He has been in demand as a speaker and seminar leader at schools and churches throughout the country as well as in several foreign countries.