Conversations Over Bread And Wine
Meditations For The Lord's Supper
Robert A. Stanley

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ISBN: 0788011472
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 96
No occasion offers greater opportunity or a more imposing challenge for communicating the Gospel than Holy Communion. The sacrament itself takes one to the very heart of the Christian faith. What a pastor says to congregants who come to share the Eucharist ought to focus on the central realities of Christian truth. And it needs to be said succinctly!

Scripture records numerous conversations Jesus held around the dinner table: with Matthew and Zacchaeus; in Simon the Pharisee's home; meals shared with his special friends Mary, Martha and Lazarus. Well known are his feeding of the multitude with the loaves and fish and his Last Supper with the disciples. For Jesus mealtime was uniquely an occasion for God's truth to be shared and for significant decision-making to take place.

This book offers messages that provide themes, ideas, and illustrations appropriate for Holy Communion that both pastors and lay persons will find helpful.

Speaking out of the heart of the Christian faith and from the insights of a successful pastor; Robert Stanley has given us a most helpful resource. Here is a conversation starter for adult study groups, a book for quiet reading by any searching Christian, and a model for pastors on how to enrich the communion service.
Bishop David I. Lawson

Conversations Over Bread And Wine is an inspiring and amazingly useful guide for everyone who wants to be serious about his or her spiritual journey ... This is an excellent book!
Rev. DeWane Zimmerman

Robert A. Stanley has over a 40-year period been the pastor of churches throughout California and Arizona. He served for six years as United Methodist Superintendent of the Tucson District. He is a graduate of Candler School of Theology, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia, from which he received the Master of Divinity degree.