Lectionary Tales For The Pulpit
Series II, Cycle B
Constance Berg

Price: $16.95

ISBN: 078801370X
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 147
Everyone remembers and enjoys a good story -- and heartfelt stories touch us in ways nothing else can. Jesus used stories or parables to emphasize his points and lead his listeners to look at themselves and examine their motivations.

This collection of stories illustrating biblical passages from Cycle B of the Revised Common Lectionary will touch your soul. Berg speaks to the person in the pew with accounts drawn from conversations with people, observations of everyday life, and a vast arena of literature.

"Each story in Constance Berg's lovely book is a pleasure to read. She writes with real wisdom and with gentle sensitivity and warmth."
Marjorie Holmes, author
Manassas, Virginia

"In her writing Constance Berg blends the gritty wisdom of a "prairie sage" with the delightful observations of a theologian. Her writing comes from real-life experiences, and her stories ring with the authenticity of her faithful witness. Faith and life meet together in Constance Berg's latest work."
Bob Sitze
Associate Director for Ministry in Daily Life Resources
Division for Congregational Ministries, ELCA

"The material in this book will give insights to those who need encouragement and hope for daily problems in life ... Berg has a flair for using simple illustrations and making them meaningful."
Barbara Johnson
SPATULA Ministries
La Habra, California

Constance Berg is a rostered assistant pastor in Grand Forks, North Dakota, as well as an editor and writer for Augsburg Fortress Press. She also has served as a missionary to Chiapas, Mexico. Berg holds degrees from California State University and Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, and has done graduate work at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California.