Turning Griping Into Gratitude
A Study In The Psalms
Ron Lavin

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ISBN: 0788015761
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 216
Ron Lavin provides an ideal resource for small groups who want to explore the Psalms, or for preachers who want to present an inspirational series of sermons. Discussion questions are provided at the end of each chapter, as well as a guide for leaders.

Says Lavin: "Griping is one of the most insidious and divisive things into which we easily fall, while gratitude is the most productive of attitudes. The Psalms are filled with the battle between griping and gratitude, a battle we all fight. The psalmists knew both attitudes, including the self-defeating nature of griping and the wonder and majesty of gratitude."

By both verbal and written word, Ron Lavin has the ability to communicate with hearers and readers in a probing yet assuring way, a challenging yet comforting manner, with a confronting yet assisting approach. Through his vignettes on the Psalms, he makes yesterday's prayers, hymns, confessions, and thanksgivings our own.
Dr. Reuben Swanson, former secretary
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

What an inspiration to read homilies which deal head-on with everyday problems and possibilities ... it's always an event when Ron Lavin mounts the pulpit.
Jerry L. Schmalenberger, former president
Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary

Ron Lavin has served congregations in Indiana, Iowa, Arizona and California -- and congregational membership doubled in four of the five churches he served. Membership in his Davenport, Iowa parish increased by over 2,000, while more than 1,000 new members were baptized during his pastorate in Tucson, Arizona. A popular speaker at major conferences and a prolific writer, he has led the church in understanding the dynamics of small groups and evangelism.