The Proverbial Marquee
Words To Drive By
Tina Rabb and Deborah Davies

Price: $20.95

ISBN: 0788018019
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 212
As freelance advertising copywriters, Tina Rabb and Deborah Davies were selling supersonic subwoofers and touting Tijuana getaways on everything from billboards to fast food tray lines when it hit them: They were using their expertise to persuade people to buy things they may not really need -- so why not use that knowledge to help churches get the most mileage from their billboards? Why not promote something people truly need in their daily lives -- the love of God?

There are probably more than a million church signs and marquees in the United States, each offering an unparalleled chance to promote the kingdom of Christ. Yet passersby are often greeted with muddled and ungrammatical messages. The Proverbial Marquee is the cure for what ails many church marquees today. It's a complete collection of proven proverbs and original wisdom, all especially suited to signage. And it couldn't be more practical:

Maxims are categorized for easy reference
Each message is formatted line by line for easy drive-by reading
Line lengths are calculated to fall well within the average church sign's width
Best of all, a convenient letter count is provided

So while this book may have started out as atonement for their advertising sins, Rabb and Davies discovered that The Proverbial Marquee became a labor of love that was too gratifying (not to mention too much fun) to count as penance. But isn't that how a wise Father often works?

A proverbial plethora of inspiration! What a great idea: a portable book of drive-by encouragement. I found it impossible to put down once I started reading. A great gift and super resource. Enjoy!
Becky Freeman
National speaker and author of several best-selling books
(Worms in My Tea, Real Magnolias, Chocolate Chili Pepper Love)

In this very interesting collection of messages, Rabb and Davies have given us a wide selection of thought-provoking, humorous, and catchy sayings. They offer churches of all types many options for communicating brief but significant messages to the world.
Scott Jones
McCreless Chair of Evangelism
Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Tina Rabb and Deborah Davies are freelance advertising copywriters from Greenville, Texas. They have worked for national advertising agencies and for such clients as Southwest Airlines, Cellular One, GTE, and the American Heart Association. In addition to their copywriting, they have been published in several Texas newspapers, including the Houston Post and the Dallas Morning News. Rabb and Davies have been the recipient of numerous awards from advertising associations, the Southwestern Journalism Congress, and the National Press Women's Association, among others. They are both journalism graduates of East Texas State University.