Shadows To Sunrise
Six Worship Resources For Holy Week

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ISBN: 0788018876
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 116
Are you looking for fresh, vibrant material for Holy Week worship? Do you want your congregation to experience the unforgettable drama of Jesus' suffering, so that they more fully appreciate the celebration and joy of Easter? If so, then you'll want this anthology that provides several innovative choices for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter sunrise worship. Copying privileges are included for all six segments.

Beyond The Shadows combines communion with gradually extinguished candlelight to create a moving Maundy Thursday tenebrae experience. As each part of the Passion story unfolds, more candles are snuffed out, and the service concludes in total darkness. By reminding us that the Light of the World came to us, yet was engulfed in total darkness as his life slipped away, Beyond The Shadows focuses worshipers' attention on the coming resurrection, and how that brightness contrasts with the darkness of the crucifixion.

When The Son's Light Failed is a poignant Good Friday dramatization that imagines the presence at the crucifixion of many women whose lives were profoundly affected by Jesus. The women all share their stories with each other as they witness our Lord's ultimate sacrifice. It's a moving portrayal which reminds us that Jesus' ministry touched the lives of everyone.

The tenebrae service Choices At The Cross explores some of the choices faced by those involved in the events of Christ's Passion -- ones of far greater magnitude than what we often face on a daily basis. Choices At The Cross emphasizes that the most important decision we ultimately face is our response to the question posed by Pilate: "What shall I do, then, with Jesus, who is called Christ?"

Based on John's account of Christ's passion, Good Friday Readings, Meditations, And Prayers is a series of seven brief contemplations and prayers that can form the basis for a remarkably effective Good Friday service or be used for personal devotional reading during Lent. Filled with vivid imagery, the meditations make the scriptures come alive while relating them to contemporary life.

Good Friday: I Was There is a stark, gripping Good Friday worship experience which confronts us with the powers of darkness and destruction which were responsible for Christ's crucifixion. Brief monologues from seven shadowy personae (Doubt, Sorrow, Fear, Shame, Agony, Hate, and Death) dramatically recall how our Lord suffered as he took the sins of humanity upon himself.

Designed as a companion service to Good Friday: I Was There, Easter Dawn: He Is Not Here is an Easter sunrise celebration in which each of the seven monologues (Trust, Celebration, Wonderment, Fulfillment, Joy, Love, and Life) mirrors one from the Good Friday service. As each monologue is completed, items in the sanctuary that were stripped and covered on Good Friday are uncovered and replaced, leading to a joyous affirmation of the Lord's resurrection.