If A Sermon Falls In The Forest...
Preaching Resurrection Texts
William H. Shepherd, Jr.

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ISBN: 0788019376
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 254
Including 21 sermons, this fascinating volume looks at the scriptural texts concerning a pivotal New Testament theme -- the resurrection of Jesus -- and examines how they may be read in various interpretive communities. Shepherd analyzes each of the major New Testament writers -- Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul -- and places their distinctive accounts of Jesus' resurrection in the broader context of their entire output. Through a careful study of the literary, historical, theological, anthropological, and sociological dimensions that color each writer's picture of the resurrection, Shepherd helps readers understand the unique view each brought to bear on the life of Jesus and the faith of his followers.

But that is not all this book has to offer. Each section also includes one or more sample sermons illustrating how a preacher might treat these texts for an actual congregation. Each message is introduced with a description of its original setting and the homiletical and interpretive issues involved -- so this is an excellent resource for pastors looking for stimulating Easter material or instructive preaching models.

William H. Shepherd, Jr., is an author, teacher, biblical scholar, and Episcopal priest who currently serves as an Interim Ministry Specialist in the Diocese of Connecticut. He is the author of No Deed Greater Than A Word: A New Approach To Biblical Preaching (CSS), and he is a graduate of the University of Georgia, Yale Divinity School, and Emory University (Ph.D.).