Old Wine In New Skins (Volume 2)
Calls To Worship And Other Worship Resources
George A. Nye

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ISBN: 0788019465
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 154
Across the broad spectrum of the Christian faith, worship services are in transition. There is a richness of expression in traditional worship structures that needs to be maintained, yet there is a vitality and joy in contemporary praise celebrations that is an essential part of the Christian spirit. But whatever the style of service, whether it's traditional, contemporary, or "blended," meaningful worship that makes a powerful impact is directly connected to our daily lives, addressing our hopes and fears.

Like the first volume of Old Wine In New Skins, this comprehensive collection provides plenty of resources for strengthening and reinvigorating your worship services. There are two years' worth (104) of calls to worship in a wide variety of styles that can be used in almost any setting. Each weaves together suggested hymns or praise songs with spoken material utilizing everyday language and images, creating a strong thematic thrust that truly prepares the congregation to stand before the Lord in praise and petition. There's also a group of brief reflections that can be used as sermon illustrations, theme-setters for the service, or newsletter features.

George A. Nye is the senior pastor at Eastwood Baptist Church in Medford, Oregon. He has also served congregations in Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Oregon. Nye is the author of Old Wine In New Skins (Volume 1), and is a graduate of Willamette University and American Baptist Seminary of the West.