Stories Told Under The Sycamore Tree
Lessons From Bible Plants
Samuel J. Hahn, Scott Patton, Illustrator

Price: $19.95

ISBN: 0788019724
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 192
Poets and the scriptures have often spoken of Jesus as the "lily of the valley" or the "rose of Sharon," and the Bible is filled with intriguing references to a wide variety of flora. But what did these plants look like? You'll find out, and learn much more as well in this fascinating follow-up volume to the popular Learning From The Lizard.

Stories Told Under The Sycamore Tree examines 52 notable flowers, trees, fruits, and other plants in the Bible. Each lesson includes an informative description based on scientific research and scripture, a reflection on the plant's symbolism, and a prayer, along with superb color illustrations from award-winning nature artist Scott Patton.

These attention-getting, inspiring, and enriching messages are perfect for use with children -- there's a year's worth of fresh material. But they're not just for youngsters; they're also excellent for personal devotions and sermon preparation. Stories Told Under The Sycamore Tree is a visual and meditative feast that will give you a greater appreciation for the wonders of God's creation.

Hahn's insights into various plants mentioned in the Bible will broaden people's understanding of this wonderful world the Lord has created for us to enjoy each and every day.
Ruth Stafford Peale
Chairman of the Board, Guideposts

Stories Told Under The Sycamore Tree is a devotional examination and reflection upon some of the most interesting plants named in the Bible. It will delight and inspire all who seek God and God's truth. The excellent color drawings bring new insight to the setting in which biblical stories are told.
Reuben P. Job
Former bishop, Iowa Conference, United Methodist Church
Former editor, The Upper Room

These short essays provide a splendid way to begin or end the day, and Stories Told Under The Sycamore Tree is a fine addition to the books of Christian devotion. The research is illuminating, and Scott Patton's excellent artwork contributes to the beauty of the volume.
Wayne Clymer
Former bishop, Minnesota and Iowa Conferences, United Methodist Church
Former president, Evangelical Theological Seminary

Samuel J. Hahn grew up in rural Iowa, and his early farm life left him with a rich heritage for understanding nature and the wonders of God's creative work. His 45 years of pastoral ministry included a stint as state church camp director. Hahn is also the author of Learning From The Lizard (CSS), about animals in the Bible. He is a graduate of Westmar College and Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary.

Scott Patton is an Iowa native for whom artistic expression and nature study have been lifelong interests. A graduate of Iowa State University, Patton is well-known for his pen and ink drawings, pencil drawings, and acrylic paintings. His work has received numerous awards, including first place in the Iowa Wildlife Federation's 1993, 1998, and 2000 Belt Buckle Contests and the 1998 Honor Award from the Soil and Water Conservation Society "for educating and inspiring viewers nationwide by portraying the beauty of nature and the environment." Patton writes and draws the newspaper feature "Nature Around Us."