Lions And Cows Dining Together
And 111 Other Sermon Ideas
Terry Cain

Price: $22.95

ISBN: 078802339X
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 242

Stimulate your creativity with 112 imaginative "sermon starters" in this companion volume to Shaking Wolves Out Of Cherry Trees... Each idea consists of a clever title that's sure to pique the interest of the people in the pews, along with a purpose statement and a brief discussion of the subject (including outline points and scripture references). Full of striking imagery, Lions And Cows Dining Together provides plenty of seeds for developing riveting, thought-provoking messages on a wide variety of critical topics. This homiletic "do-it-yourself" kit will be a treasured addition to any pastor's library - combined with the material in its companion volume, there are over five years' worth of pump-priming ideas for weekly sermons that apply Jesus' teachings to contemporary living. But Lions And Cows Dining Together isn't just for preachers - it's also an excellent source of meditations for men's, women's, or youth groups as well as inspiring devotional reading.

Here's a sample of some of the inventive entries:

• God Always Wins At Hide And Seek
• Worship Is More Than Just Staying Awake
• Can Pagan Objects Be Sanitized?
• You Can Learn To Like Spinach, Liver, And Theology
• Hell: But It's A Dry Heat
• Will Reverend Tortoise Ever Catch Doctor Hare?
• Pearly Gates Entrance Exam
• Pilgrim Or Tourist?

Terry Cain is a retired pastor who served United Methodist congregations in eastern Nebraska. In addition to Shaking Wolves Out Of Cherry Trees, he is also the author of What Your Minister Is Afraid To Tell You About The Bible and Frankenstein and Miss America: Who's Who and Who's Not. Cain is a graduate of Nebraska Wesleyan University (B.A.), St. Paul School of Theology in Kansas City (M.Div.), and San Francisco Theological Seminary (D.Min.).