Life Everlasting
The Essential Book of Funeral Resources
Chuck Cammarata, Editor

Price: $49.95

ISBN: 0788023403
Size: 8.5 x 11
Pages: 384
This comprehensive volume is a must-have resource for every pastor. It contains over 100 sample sermons from preachers across the denominational spectrum, plus a vast array of prayers, scripture readings, and other material for planning and conducting meaningful funeral services.

The sermons cover a wide range of topics, including:
* honoring the long and fruitful lives of faithful Christians
* comforting the families and friends of children who left this world too soon
* dealing with troubling questions about God raised by those who have suffered
* offering solace to the loved ones of those who have died suddenly and unexpectedly
* demonstrating how the image of God is present even in difficult and unsavory people
* celebrating a variety of distinctive "characters"
* addressing the difficult issues associated with those who have committed suicide
* witnessing the Christian message of salvation to the unchurched

Life Everlasting is also packed with other valuable resources:
* children's messages that help young people grasp the meaning of death
* prayers and other liturgical material, including calls to worship and responsive scripture readings
* an extensive selection of scripture texts, each with brief "sermon starter" ideas
* lists of appropriate musical repertoire, including hymns, choral music, instrumental music, and music for soloists

With all this in one volume, Life Everlasting provides a complete set of practical tools for making funerals powerfully effective moments of ministry that reaffirm the central Christian message of Jesus Christ's victory over death.

Chuck Cammarata
(editor) is the pastor of Fairview Presbyterian Church in Fairview, Pennsylvania. He is the author of Lighting The Flame and Lectionary Worship Workbook (Series IV, Cycle B), and he has been a regular contributor to the online lectionary resources StoryShare and The Immediate Word (