People Who Met Jesus
Another Look At The Suffering, Death, And Resurrection Of The Lord
Ron Lavin

Price: $14.95

ISBN: 0788023470
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 132
People Who Met Jesus is a book that will command the undivided attention of readers who yearn to know more of the significance of their relationship to the risen Lord. By delving in depth into the words and experiences of both well-known and cameo biblical characters, readers will come to a greater appreciation of the life-pervading influence of their relationship to the living Lord. (from the Introduction)
Reuben T. Swanson
Former Secretary
Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

In the latest installment of his popular series examining the basics of the Christian faith, Ron Lavin takes another look at the final days of Jesus' life on earth through the eyes of the people whose lives were changed by their encounters with the Lord. Lavin examines their stories, both familiar and little-known, and highlights how their experiences intersect our lives. By telling the story of Jesus, they point us toward God.

People Who Met Jesus is an ideal Lenten group study resource -- each chapter includes questions for stimulating discussion. It's also excellent for adult Sunday school or new member classes throughout the year, as well as for sermon preparation or personal meditation.

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Ron Lavin is the award-winning author of more than 20 books, including the CSS titles Turning Griping Into Gratitude (on the Psalms) and Way To Grow! (on small group dynamics). He is the former Pastor-Director of Evangelical Outreach for the Lutheran Church in America, and pastored five thriving congregations, all of which grew substantially under his leadership. Lavin is a popular speaker and church consultant on evangelism and small groups.