Building Sunday School By The Owner's Design
100 Tools For Successful Kingdom Growth
Danny Von Kanel

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ISBN: 0788023535
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 132
For many churches the Sunday school can be one of the best vehicles to apply the principles of effective evangelism and assimilation. But also in many churches, the Sunday school must undergo a significant paradigm shift before this occurs. Danny Von Kanel's book is a helpful resource to begin making this shift in your church.
Charles "Chip" Arn
President, Church Growth Inc.
Monrovia, California

A strong Sunday school program is a key component of any flourishing church -- and Building Sunday School By The Owner's Design provides a comprehensive toolbox jam-packed with 100 ideas for improving every aspect of your religious education program. Building on the framework of his book Built By The Owner's Design, Danny Von Kanel demonstrates how God's Word offers a proven blueprint for effective outreach and growth -- and he offers you a wide array of practical approaches for making Sunday school the vital centerpiece of a spiritually thriving ministry. Von Kanel discusses the strengths and shortcomings of both traditional and contemporary "church growth movement" approaches to Sunday school, then points out how following God's design offers a better method for igniting exciting growth. Grounded in Von Kanel's own experience in several growing ministries and a careful analysis of research in churches from a variety of denominations, these tools can be used by any congregation (most have little or no financial expense). Convenient "Tool Time" and "Tool Resource" sections offer specific steps for implementing these ideas in your church. Building Sunday School By The Owner's Design is an essential resource for pastors, teachers, and other religious professionals -- it offers everything you need to develop a life-changing Sunday school program that produces enthusiastic, deeply committed followers of Christ.

Danny Von Kanel has been involved in ministry, freelance writing, and church growth consulting for more than twenty years. He has served congregations in Mississippi, Alabama, and Illinois, and is currently the Minister of Music and Education at First Baptist Church in Franklinton, Louisiana. Von Kanel is the author of Built By The Owner's Design (CSS), and his articles have appeared in numerous church leadership magazines, including Journal of the American Society for Church Growth, Growing Churches, Church Administration, Rev., Ministries Today, Today's Christian Preacher, and many others. He is a graduate of William Carey College and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.