Winsome Wisdom
366 Thoughts To Ponder And To Live
Lowell O. Erdahl

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ISBN: 0788024175
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 404
Winsome Wisdom is a modern-day Poor Richard's Almanack, full of Ben Franklin-style proverbs complete with brief commentary. Erdahl's ethics and values are apparent in these bits of wisdom. His thoughtful comments touch on issues ranging from war and violence to time management and human relationships. It's a wonderful guide to give focus to one's daily contemplation or meditation. This book is perfect for people with busy lives who want to set aside a few minutes for daily meditation or prayer.
John Marty
Minnesota State Senator

Winsome Wisdom
provides 366 meditations -- one for each day of the year. Each reading spotlights a single thought for the day, amplified by a short reflection and concluding with an affirmation that distills the message into a single sentence with a positive application for everyday life. Erdahl draws on the foundational principles that have shaped his own life as he shares sage advice on a wide range of topics ranging from marriage to money, from science to sex, from writing to war. Winsome Wisdom is an excellent source of illustrations for speeches or sermons, as well as an instructive source of daily devotional reading -- and this remarkable book is sure to appeal to anyone seeking to be nourished by its generous helpings of spiritual guidance and practical experience.

Erdahl's reflections are marked by a strong concern for justice and peace. He sees that the Bible and Christianity are both personal and political.... In addition to its clear witness to radical grace, this book contains an abundance of practical wisdom concerning almost all aspects of daily living, including getting along together, married life, sexual fulfillment, decision-making, time and money management, and much more.
Marcus Borg
Hundere Distinguished Professor of Religion and Culture
Oregon State University
Author of The Heart of Christianity

Lowell Erdahl writes clearly, personally, and thoughtfully. Readers will be drawn into these daily devotions to be challenged, amused, comforted, and instructed by Erdahl's own winsome ways.
David L. Tiede
President Emeritus
Luther Seminary

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Lowell O. Erdahl
is the Bishop Emeritus of the St. Paul Area Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. In addition to 12 years as a bishop, Erdahl served for 20 years as a parish pastor and spent five years on the faculty of Luther Seminary. He is a graduate of St. Olaf College, Luther Seminary, and Union Theological Seminary.