Blueprints for Lent
Congregational Resources for Lent
Arley Fadness

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ISBN: 0788024337
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Pages: 84
Using da Vinci's classic Lord's Supper as a backdrop, Blueprints for Lent offers a Lenten experience for your congregation that will be remembered for years to come. This series is an offering of programs and worship designed for participation by all ages and in all facets of church life and ministry.

Leonardo da Vinci's classic Lord's Supper backdrop scene presents a dynamic visual that ignites imagination and creativity. Blueprints for Lent enables a worship planning team and pastor to invent a memorable and inspiring worship experience. Several programs encourage flexible Lent and Holy Week opportunities. Four liturgical worship settings for Maundy Thursday provide pastor and worship leaders choices to be used as designed, or to simply provoke creative, customized worship settings to fit the needs and goals of a particular parish situation.

Core assumptions about Blueprints for Lent include:
Worship for all ages
Utilization of the gifts and talents of the priesthood of all believers
Affirmation of all five senses
An appreciation of drama
A strong reflection of the gospel

Special congregational gifts, talents, and skills that are needed:
Drama directors

Six Children's sermons by Wesley Runk complete the Blueprints for Lent series.

Arley Fadness is a retired ELCA pastor who has served numerous Lutheran parishes in South Dakota and Minnesota. He is currently an associate pastor at Custer Lutheran Fellowship in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota, and is also a congregational consultant coaching churches in visioning processes. A graduate of Augustana College, Luther Theological Seminary, and McCormick Theological Seminary, Fadness is the author of several CSS Publishing titles, including Where's Noah?, Six Spiritual Needs In America Today, and Hey Joseph! Arley and his wife, Pamela, are the parents of four adult children. In his spare time, Arley enjoys such hobbies as drafting, writing, hiking, golf, walking his two Jack Russell dogs, and going to plays, concerts, and movies.