Lectionary Tales for the Pulpit
Series VI, Cycle A
David E. Leininger

Price: $18.95

ISBN: 078802454X
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 188
Whether you pick up this book as relaxed devotional reading or are searching for a last-minute sermon illustration, you'll be delighted with the imaginative and inspirational stories in the newest installment in CSS' popular Lectionary Tales for the Pulpit series. David Leininger takes you right to the heart of the scriptures with a rich variety of captivating material illustrating Cycle A lectionary texts. His thought-provoking reflections are certain to enrich your spiritual life -- and point out the myriad ways in which God is at work in our daily lives. This volume is sure to become a favorite resource for pastors and laypersons alike.

Some of the intriguing chapters are:
* The Quintessential Evangelist
* What Boggles Your Mind?
* Who Woulda Thunk It?
* The Blame Game
* Under the Rainbow
* How Not To Be the Father of the Year
* The Bush Is Still Burning
* Leaping Lepers
...and many more!

David E. Leininger is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Warren, Pennsylvania. He has also served congregations in North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Prior to entering the ministry, Leininger worked for almost 20 years in radio and television. Leininger's sermons have appeared in the Best Sermons 4 anthology (Harper-Collins), and he has been a contributor to the online services StoryShare and The Immediate Word (www.sermonsuite.com). He is the author of A Color-Blind Church (CSS), an intriguing account of the attempted merger of two congregations -- one black, one white -- in a small community following the reunion of the northern and southern streams of the Presbyterian Church (USA) in 1983. Leininger is a graduate of Edison State University, Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, and Erskine Theological Seminary.