How to Preach the Miracles
Why People Don't Believe Them and What You Can Do About It - Cycle A
John E. Sumwalt

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ISBN: 0788024574
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 242
With contemporary stories and insight into ancient texts, John Sumwalt invites readers into the mystery of God's active, palpable presence in the world. When we decide to live in God's presence, we are in position to see, hear, believe, and experience the miraculous in our daily lives.
Bishop Rueben P. Job
Author of Living Fully, Dying Well
Former editor, The Upper Room

Since modern culture explains the world through scientific rationalism, there are many people in our pews who are skeptical about miracles. No matter how credible the source, our society tends to view those who speak of miracles as purveyors of superstition and magical thinking. That presents a significant problem when discussing the resurrection and the other miracles recorded in scripture -- so what can the preacher do?

John Sumwalt says the answer is to "begin, like Jesus did, by telling stories of the mysterious, saving presence of God. This is the realm in which Jesus did his miracle work, a dimension of reality that is readily accessible to all who are hungry for it. Tell the miracle stories from the Bible along with those that are happening in our own time." In this fascinating volume, Sumwalt brings a storyteller's perspective to nine miracle passages in Cycle A of the Revised Common Lectionary. His rich biblical commentary is filled with numerous illustrations and tellable stories, including over 30 contemporary accounts of miracles.

In this beautifully written book, John Sumwalt shows you how to preach the miracle stories in ways that reach modern congregations. Full of warm and engaging stories, it reaches straight for the heart. This is a wonderful book that will connect you and your congregation to the scriptures in fresh ways. It's certain to warm the heart of anyone who reads it. I look forward to using it over and over again as a source for my sermons.
Deacon Eddie Ensley
Author of Prayer That Relieves Stress and Worry

John E. Sumwalt is the lead pastor of Wauwatosa Avenue United Methodist Church in suburban Milwaukee. A noted storyteller and seminar leader, he is the author of nine books, including the acclaimed Visions series (CSS). John and his wife, Jo Perry-Sumwalt, served for three years as co-editors of the online service StoryShare (