Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness
A Practical Guide for Health and Wellness
Henry Brinton and Vikram Khanna

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ISBN: 0788024639
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 280
In today's live-fast society, poor health and obesity are at epidemic proportions. People have seemingly forgotten to treat with reverence God's first and greatest gift to themテtheir bodies.

Building on the Ten Commandments that guide our spiritual lives, Henry Brinton and Vikram Khanna have devised Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness, a scientifically sound resource that teaches how to properly incorporate physical activity into daily life and how to eat better, while building faith in the process.

For everyone looking to glorify Christ in their spirits and their bodies, Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness is an invaluable tool to guide you every step of the way.

Henry Brinton and Vikram Khanna have written an inspiring book calling on Christians to honor their bodies as well as their hearts, minds, and souls. And they are clear that as with our spiritual lives, this too requires dedication, discipline, and perseverance. Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness is also wonderfully practical and encouraging, as it lays out a step-by-step journey toward physical fitness. The authors provide up-to-date assessments of the value of diet programs and various training programs, and valuable advice for measuring and staying on course. Many Christians have been notoriously poor stewards of their physical lives. Here is a powerful proposal for turning that reality around.
The Very Reverend Samuel T. Lloyd III
Dean of Washington National Cathedral, Washington, DC

Ten Commandments of Faith and Fitness by Vik Khanna and Henry Brinton is an entertaining, yet factual book that will guide the reader toward achieving individualized health, fitness, and spiritual goals. No matter what your faith, age, or health status, this book will enlighten and inspire you to adopt a more healthy, nutritious, and active lifestyle. Highly recommended.
-- Melinda S. Sothern, Ph.D., C.E.P.
Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Author of Trim Kids
Professor and Director of Health Promotion, LSU Health Sciences Center

This book merges seamlessly inspiration and information, fact and faith, science and soul, sound judgment and common sense. This is a thought provoking, yet practical guide for attaining and sustaining spiritual and physical health and wellness.
-- Ralph F. Boyd, Jr.
Executive Vice President, Freddie Mac
Chairman, The Freddie Mac Foundation

Henry Brinton is the senior pastor of Fairfax Presbyterian Church in Fairfax, Virginia. Vikram Khanna, M.H.S., P.A., is an exercise coach, health educator, and CEO of Galileo Health Partners, LLC, of Ellicott City, Maryland.