Lectionary Tales for the Pulpit
Series VI, Cycle B
David E. Leininger

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ISBN: 0788025457
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 290
Whether used for relaxed devotional reading or as a source of stimulating sermon illustrations, this installment of CSS' popular Lectionary Tales for the Pulpit series is certain to enrich your spiritual life. David Leininger takes you right to the heart of the scriptures with imaginative and inspirational stories based on Cycle B lectionary texts. His thought-provoking reflections illuminate the handiwork of God in the modern world — and they provide an invaluable resource for the daily life and ministry of pastors and laypersons alike.
Some of the intriguing chapters are:

• Christmas in the Crossfire

• A Gospel for Losers

• Our Magnificent, Mysterious, Mischievous God

• God's Day Off

• Handling Freedom

• God's Battleship

• Sermons in Stone

• A Disaster of Biblical Proportions

• The View from Jesus' Pew

...and many more!
David E. Leininger is the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Warren, Pennsylvania. He has also served congregations in North and South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. Prior to entering the ministry, Leininger had a successful career for almost two decades in radio and television. He is the author of God of Justice, A Color-Blind Church, and Lectionary Tales for the Pulpit (Series VI, Cycle A), and his sermons have appeared in the Best Sermons 4 anthology (HarperCollins). Leininger has also been a contributing writer for the online services StoryShare and The Immediate Word