Faith @ Home
God's Gift For Growing A Great Family
Michelle Waters

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ISBN: 0788027891
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 62
We live in a world where "busy" has become the norm. Between sporting events, music lessons, youth groups, and homework, families rarely have time for regular dinners together, much less discipleship. For many parents, the idea of nurturing a child's walk with God seems daunting.

What if I'm wrong?
What if I say something silly?
What do I know, anyway?

In one short book, we are gently offered the great and timeless wisdom that could not only save civilization -- but can save our own children, and even our own souls. It is written by an Ivy League alumna, athlete, pastor's wife, mother of six, and one who cares enough to find time for a world in deep confusion about love, happiness, heritage, and legacy. Michelle Waters reminds us to choose life and joy.
Kelly Monroe Kullberg
Author, Finding God Beyond Harvard: the Quest for Veritas
Founder, The Veritas Forum

I'd like to see Faith at Home wrapped up in pretty pastels and given to every Christian mom-to-be! Michelle's book will do more for mother and child (and the entire family) than any bottle warmer, bouncer, or Boppy. The Christian mandate to raise children in the faith is of such great importance that parents can't afford to wait until their children are talking or reading before beginning instruction. Michelle persuasively shows us that we are in a battle for our children's souls and that it will take everything we've got, by God's grace, to win. Faith at Home does more than define the family's mission -- it offers plenty of vision and practical steps for living out the faith before little eyes and ears. What have we gained if we successfully get our children on the college-track but fail to get them on the heaven-track? Thank you, Michelle, for elevating our most vital role as parents.
Karen Burkhart
Family Spiritual Co-Director
Singer/Songwriter/Worship Leader

In Faith @ Home: God's Gifts for Growing a Great Family, author Michelle Waters invites readers into a relevant and critical conversation, using scripture and personal experience to point back toward the divine command for parents to disciple their children. Written with an approachable voice and style, Faith @ Home encourages parents to create a home environment where a distinctly Christian culture evidences itself through grace, prayer, and forgiveness. In just eight, easy-to-read chapters, Waters reminds us that our families are part of God's plan to redeem and rescue the world, and that in the lives of our children, understanding God's intention for our lives must always begin at home.

Faith @ Home will speak to the hearts of mothers, fathers, grandparents, and anyone charged with nurturing a child's faith. Waters' conversational tone enables this text to be used within both small group and private devotional settings, and her reliance upon scripture ensures that parents looking for guidance on discipleship will be pointed in the right direction.

Michelle Waters is a graduate of Dartmouth College and Yale Divinity School. She lives in Powell, Ohio, with her husband and six children. Waters has written two other books for CSS Publishing: Forty Days and Forty Nights and Through the Clouds.