Mentoring For Marriage
Seven Week Interactive Course To Prepare Couples For Marriage
Daryl Donovan

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ISBN: 0788028030
Size: 6x9
Pages: 86
While it's true that marriage can be a great adventure, it is also true that a successful marriage takes hard work, honest communication, and faith.

Before entering into the marriage covenant, couples should consider the finer details of their relationship: How does Christ fit into the relationship? How will finances be handled? How should a husband love his wife, and how should a wife love her husband?

Those questions and many more like them are asked in Mentoring for Marriage, a seven-session study designed for engaged couples seeking pre-marital guidance and challenge. Believing that no study can exhaustively cover the topic of marriage, Daryl G. Donovan has created a resource that fosters critical discussion and thought among engaged couples who have sought out the careful mentorship of a pastor, counselor, or married couple.

Firm in his conviction that every marriage must be sustained through Christ, Donovan provides plenty of space for a couple to work through individual differences and uncertainties. Mentoring for Marriage is an excellent resource for pastors, counselors, engaged couples, married couples, and mentors. This resource enables a reliance upon wisdom and encourages open and honest discourse for any couple wanting a God's-eye view of marriage before they say "I do."

Table of Contents
A Message to Pastors
A Word to the Mentoring Couple
Course Guidelines for the Mentoring Couple
Mentoring Couple's Guide
Session 1: How Do You Know This Is the One?
Session 2: Pulling Together With Christ
Session 3: One + One = One
Session 4: The Unique Assignment
Session 5: Financial Feuds Can Fuel Failure
Session 6: My Body Is Not My Own
Session 7: The 3-D/3-C Marriage
Addendum: Marrying Again -- A Time for Reflection

Daryl G. Donovan has been the pastor of churches in Kansas, Missouri, Colorado, and Ohio. He is currently the Senior Pastor of Sanibel Community Church, Sanibel Island, Florida. Donovan received his Doctor of Ministry degree from San Francisco Theological Seminary. Daryl has written several books for CSS including Men Mentoring Men, Revised Edition (2014); Men Mentoring Men Again, and Maximizing Your Marriage. He and his wife Elaine have four children.