Ambassadors for Christ
Cycle B Sermons for Lent and Easter Based on Second Lesson Texts
John Jamison

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Pages: 136
What does it mean to be an ambassador of Christ? This is the question that John Jamison asks throughout this Lenten season. During this time where we remember Jesus’ final weeks and actions before his death and resurrection, we must ask ourselves how we can live more like Jesus did, and how we are showing God’s presence to the world? Jamison uses a unique mix of historical fact and modern examples throughout his sermons to show his congregation the many ways that the disciples had lived in Jesus’ example, and how we can do the same. Although we all have those days where we may not act in a way that is befitting of Jesus, Jamison reminds us that there are no requirements for who can be saved by God’s love, for he sent his son to die for all people. So, do what you can today, and do your best to help others using the gifts that God has given you. Remember that nobody is without God’s grace, and that you should love others as you are loved by your Father in heaven.

“The pastor lay awake with the feeling that tonight, he had seen the church as it was meant to be. He had seen those people doing what he believed Jesus would have done. He had been a pastor for many years, but what he saw tonight amazed him. As he walked into his office and joined that nine o’ clock meeting, he was exhausted, but he felt like the church, and he, had been reborn.”

Sermon titles include:

  • “Who the Heck is Melchizedek?” (Hebrews 5:5-10)
  • “I Want to Remind You— Easter Sunday (1 Corinthians 15:1-11)
  • “It Takes Both” (1 John 5:1-6)
John Jamison served as a United Methodist Pastor in Illinois for twenty-two years in rural churches, small-town churches, and inner-city churches. His studies in the Holy Land helped him bring the first-century message to life in a meaningful way in his churches, as well as on radio and television. John spent twenty years in higher education and business, using stories to help create new approaches to learning and training. John continues to use the power of story in his novels, children’s books, and other writing activities. John is a graduate of McKendree College, Garrett-Evangelical Seminary, Quincy University, and Capella University, receiving a Master of Divinity and a Master and Ph.D. in Education.