Finding Ourselves In The Great Stories Of The Bible
Cycle B Sermons Based on the Gospel Texts for Advent, Christmas, and Epiphany
Mark Ellingsen

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ISBN: 0788030787
Size: 6x9
Pages: 86

Finding Ourselves In The Great Stories Of The Bible is just that; your journey through the stories set in the ancient Bible times. But it's not all you think it will be as this journey takes unexpected twists and turns that may be pretty familiar in our everyday lives.

Facing the crises of life and the world's many hiccups? Ellingsen portrays to us the scriptures as not an outdated book but one that is real, living and even relevant in our modern trends and times. He does a superb job of crafting these major stories, placing the reader in the seat of both the ancient Jews and the 21st century Christians while drawing the same life lessons centered around Christ.

Sermons in this collection include:

  • Do You Need A Miracle To Follow Jesus?
  • A Fresh Start Jesus' Way
  • Nobody Gets In A Rut With God: He's Always Got Us Moving On!

Mark Ellingsen, a minister in the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA), has been a professor of Church History at the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1993. He graduated magna cum laude from Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania) and Yale University, from which he received three master's degrees in divinity, arts, and philosophy, as well as his Ph.D. He has authored many books including Sin Bravely: A Joyful Alternative to a Purpose-Driven Life (Continuum) and The Integrity of Biblical Narrative (Wipf and Stock). He and his wife have three grown children. When he is not writing or teaching, Ellingsen enjoys discussing politics, sports, and playing guitar.