The Faith of a Skeptic
Seeking Truth and Balance In Religion and Politics
Thomas Lentz

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The Faith of a Skeptic explores the diverse ways in which truth is perceived. Skepticism reminds us that the search for truth is not the same as the search for certainty. Firmly held beliefs can misguide us and impede our acceptance of new information. In Greek philosophy belief was a lower form of knowledge. The book has received praise from a wide audience.

Mr. Lentz holds nothing back in sharing his spiritual and social odyssey, illuminating his philosophical insights with graphic portraits of family and friends.
F. Gregory Campbell, President Emeritus, Carthage College.

We who struggle by the minute with our place and purpose in life will recognize in Tom Lentz the honesty and authenticity of a fellow searcher. For me, these pages resonate with important Truths and speak of a life contemplatively lived. We desperately need the wisdom of such lives in these divided times.
Kevin Crosby, Professor of Physics and Computer Science; Director – NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium.

The first chapter presents a thoughtful and rewarding exploration of the perils of absolutism or unquestioning acceptance in the search for Truth and the need for skepticism in its pursuit.
Alexander J. Mezny, Illinois Attorney

Tom Lentz has provides an insightful and challenging reflection bringing together scriptural references, ancient commentaries, modern voices and current events to frame a narrative that we should not ignore nor easily discount.
David Berger, Ohio Mayor

The Faith of a Skeptic is an excellent wakeup call about what is most important in life.
Timothy T. Treasure, Principal, SIOR, Treasure and Associates

Thomas Lentz has had a varied career in business and the parish ministry. After co-founding a publishing company, he moved to the Virgin Islands where he was employed by the St. Thomas Daily News and established an aerial photography business. Returning to the United States he was CEO of an office products and design company in Ohio. He is chairman and North American division head of the Italian company, Global Display Solutions. He attended Carthage College in Wisconsin, and holds degrees from Wittenberg and Yale Universities.