The Giving Gift
The Holy Spirit in Person
Thomas A. Smail

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ISBN: 0788099248
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Pages: 218
This major study breaks new ground, going beyond the issue most discussed in charismatic circles (the working of the Holy Spirit) to tackle questions relating to the person of the Holy Spirit and his relationships to the Father and the Son, as well as his relationship to people.

Smail's theological horizons are impressively broad, embracing historical orthodoxy and including the Roman and Eastern Orthodox traditions, as well as contemporary theology. He combines full theological literacy with personal insight into renewal, thus illuminating a contemporary experience of the Holy Spirit with the sovereignty of God in salvation.

In The Giving Gift he offers a positive understanding of Christian tradition in its relation to Scripture and a new approach to prayer as a gift that God makes by his Spirit. He also provides an attempt to understand the work of the Spirit in the church throughout the ages and in different traditions, emphasising in particular the role and contribution of the Eastern Orthodox churches.

Thomas A. Smail served as Rector of Sanderstead, South London. Previous to that he was Vice-Principal of St John's College, Nottingham and a Director of the Fountain Trust. He is the author of Reflected Glory and The Forgotten Father.