Tears of Lady Meng
A Parable of People's Political Theology
C.S. Song

Price: $8.95

ISBN: 0788099493
Size: 5.5x8.5
Pages: 78
Here is a superb example of the new way of doing theology. C. S. Song tells a charming story of long ago and then proceeds to draw some not-so-charming implications for what it means in our time. The 'safe' tale turns out to have devastating impact on what we thought was our own secure world. Scripture, tears, prophetic insight, social analysis, politics, hope -- all of them are incorporated in this deceptively small package. -- Robert McAfee Brown

This is a poignant meditation that cannot be labeled. Song's way of theology is his own; it challenges everyone. -- Charles C. West, Dean and Professor of Christian Ethics, Princeton Theological Seminary

Choan-Seng Song, a native of Taiwan, is professor of theology at the Pacific School of Theology and the author of several books, including Jesus, The Crucified People and The Compassionate God.

The drawings included in the book are by the well-known Brazilian artist Claudius S.P. Ceccon.