Living The Easter Faith
Sermons For The Easter Season
Donald William Dotterer

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ISBN: 1556735227
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 65
Dotterer has made imaginative use of contemporary parable and story to illustrate that God's presence is made known in the common circumstance of life. The intermixture of biblical parable and contemporary story helps to illustrate how the daily round is illumined by the light of the resurrection.
Neal F. Fisher, President,
Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary

Living The Easter Faith is a series of Easter season sermons based on themes from Jesus' parables. The parables demonstrate in a concrete and specific way the very heart and mind of the God revealed in Jesus.

"The Resurrection Age invites a new way of thinking and living in God's world," writes Donald William Dotterer. "Being Christian means that we adopt an alternative lifestyle. The parables of Jesus provide us with direction and insight for living the Easter faith."

Sermons cover Easter Sunday through Easter 7. Texts are from Matthew, Luke and John. Sermon titles include "The Return Of The Lost," "Counting The Cost," and "Surprised By Grace."

Donald William Dotterer, New Castle, Pennsylvania, is pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church. He is also author of Up And Down The Mountain, published by CSS.