Called To Witness
A Manual For Congregational Growth
Jerry L. Schmalenberger

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ISBN: 1556735588
Size: 5.5 x 8.5
Pages: 108
The Number one priority for many parishes at the present time needs to emphasize moving he new member and/or new Christian from loyalty to the local organization to faithfulness in discipleship ... This work is an attempt to look at the evangelism side of that fellowship call. (from the Foreword)

Jerry L. Schmalenberger offers insight to all congregations seeking to grow. "Called To Witness" offers a blend of three themes. These are: parish program emphasis, church growth methodology and disciplining. In addition, the author provides a helpful critique of the church growth movement.

Chapters focus on:
Reclaiming the witness
Congregational witness
Multicultural witness
Pastoral witness

Jerry L. Schmalenberger, Berkley, California, is president and professor of parish ministry at Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary and formerly a parish pastor/director of evangelical outreach for the Evangelical Lutheran Church and as an evangelism and stewardship across the United States.