Sermons On The Lord's Supper
Alex A. Gondola, Jr.
Communion is an inexhaustible mystery -- a gift of God's grace. Yet because it is familiar we sometimes take it for granted. Though theologians may disagree about exactly what happens in and through the sacrament, we all agree that something happens

Sermons And Services For Communion And Feetwashing
Frank Ramirez
Appropriate for Maundy Thursday or any time throughout the year, this resource contains several sermons and a full-blown service of Holy Communion, Feetwashing, and Agape Meal (or Love Feast). Detailed bread recipes and instructions for all the prepa

Sermons And Worship Services For Baptism And Communion
Elaine M. Ward
The sacraments of baptism and communion are foundational acts of the Christian faith -- in addition to affirming God’s grace, they have the power to transform us in the living presence of the Almighty. Elaine Ward believes that the sacraments also ”e

Communion And Offering Prayers
Wava M. Burt
The inspiring prayers in Sustained To Serve open a window into the presence of the living Christ in our ordinary daily activities. Originally created for use during the communion and offering parts of worship services, these heartfelt p

Meditations For The Lord's Supper
Robert A. Stanley
No occasion offers greater opportunity or a more imposing challenge for communicating the Gospel than Holy Communion. The sacrament itself takes one to the very heart of the Christian faith. What a pastor says to congregants who come to share the Euc...

Communion Prayers for the Church Year and Pastoral Occasions
Peter Andrew Smith
Make your celebration of the Lord's Supper flow together with music and other liturgical elements with this stimulating collection of communion prayers. Peter Andrew Smith incorporates imagery and themes from lectionary scripture texts, church seasons, and special pastoral

Sermons On Holy Communion And Other Sacred Meals
Maurice A. Fetty
Feasts and festivals are a central part of many cultures, and for Christians there is no more important ”meal” than Holy Communion, in which we commemorate our liberation through the sacrificial death of Jesus. Yet there are many other occasions in...

Ten Sermons And Litanies
Robert F. Scott
Why did Luke include ten occasions of Jesus sharing meals with people, seven of those scenes found only in Luke? How many hundreds or thousands of times did Jesus eat with other people? These ten occasions must have been preserved in the Christian...

Communion Dramas For Youth
Gary W. Fehring
Dinner With The King engages young people through creative, down-to-earth settings that draw from important biblical images and theological understandings of Holy Communion. These chancel dramas are imaginative, playful, and allow for wide

12 Sermons For The Lord's Supper
Burton F. Blair
The Christ Who Is Hidden is a compilation of sermons that are biblically and theologically grounded, well-structured homiletically and helpful to preacher and laypersons in discerning the presence and love of God. With passion and sensitivi