Devotional Guides For Lent And Holy Week
Robert C. Bankhead
Based on scripture passages from the Gospel of Mark, Jesus’ Lonely Road includes two devotional guides for personal meditation and prayers during Lent. The first section covers Ash Wednesday through Passion Sunday, focusing on Jesus’ jo...

Lenten Season Daily Worship And Study Guide
Karen Helsel
Designed to be used each weekday during Lent, this worship guide encourages users to read from the Bible, then reflect on the readings. Six study guides enable small groups to discuss how reconciliation is working in their own lives. Stimulating ques...

Meditations In Dramatic Form For The Season Of Lent
Neil Ellis Orts
Watch And Pray was written for use by untrained actors. There are no character roles and the dialogue can be divided among as many people as are available to participate.

The seven dramatic mediations begin with Ash Wednesday, followed

Spring Training In The Faith: Reflections On The Reading Of The Day
Richard Gribble
This book provides scripture-based reflections for each day of the Lenten season. It is an uplifting work for those who wish to enrich their personal prayer and meditation. It shows the Lenten season in its intended light -- as a period of preparatio

Christian Meditations For Lent
Larry D. Powell
”... simply written, easy to read and easy to understand.... [Larry D. Powell] writes of faith and love and commitment. He researches the history of the biblical passages, provides illustrations that bring them alive, asks questions that make the