...and 84 Other Wedding Sermons
Gary W. Fehring
One+One+One is a worthy resource for any pastor looking to deliver fresh and engaging messages to a bride and groom, and the truths contained within each sermon will undoubtedly inspire newly- and golden-wed alike.

Nineteen Orders of Worship for the Prospective Bride and Groom
Arthur Homburg
Every wedding should be sacred and unique. Written with that in mind, A New Wedding Service for You is a distinctive collection of nineteen wedding services that have been designed with fresh perspective and modern language. Throughout the author's ministry, Arthur Homburg has helped couples prepare for their wedding services, and this book is a reflection of his conviction that every couple deserves an individual and thoughtful wedding celebration.

A Guide For Pastors For Premarital Counseling
Les C. Wicker

Preparing Couples for Marriage by Les C. Wicker is a wedding scripture text
and prayer book entailing premarriage counseling and marriage counseling topics
along with the following topics:

- marriage counseling
- Christian marriage counseling
- premarriage counseling
- premarriage counseling online books
- premarriage counseling
- marriage counseling

Devotions For Couples Preparing For Marriage
Gary W. Fehring
In just nine short devotionals, For This Reason challenges new and experienced marriages with holy scripture, reminding couples that a marriage centered on godly principles always strives for contentment, surrender, sacrifice, forgiveness, and humility.

Retail Price: $12.95 (Save $4.00)
Derl Keefer
Marriage ceremonies don’t have to fall into a routine of just doing and saying the same old things. This creative resource provides pastors with several unique marriage liturgies, including ceremonies for a traditional wedding, a wedding of an older...

Retail Price: $23.95 (Save $8.00)
Robert Blair
If you’re looking for a planning resource to help you deal with funerals and weddings, this book is worth its weight in gold. Pastors are repeatedly called on to perform these ceremonies in an infinite variety of circumstances, yet there’s no ”one-si

An Anthology
This resource book for busy pastors provides homilies for marriage services, as well as two unique orders of service and a service for a fiftieth wedding anniversary.

Ministers from around the United States have contributed to this collection...

A Ten-Session Marriage Enrichment Course For Couples (Student Workbook)
Daryl G. Donovan
God intends for marriage to be one of the most satisfying relationships you will ever experience. Like our relationship with Christ, your relationship with your spouse should be a source of joy, peace, life, and love. But many marriages miss God's plan. The facts are that only about half the couples who go to the altar remain married -- and many of those who do not divorce find themselves in

An Anthology Of Wedding Meditations
CSS Publishing
Let your life be the two of you looking together to a future, and what will be best for each in that tomorrow. You have some significant decisions to make about that future. Your labor of love will have to include each other in the process of...

Wedding Bulletin
What God has joined together, let no one separate - Matthew 19:6 - NIV