Advent Dialogues
Richard H. Goodlin
Richard Goodlin writes: "Having been born in Bethlehem (Pennsylvania), I wondered what it would be like to get a letter from the IRS stating I had to go back to Bethlehem for the purpose of taxation. This gave rise to On The Way To Bethlehem."

Six Worship Services And Dialogues For Advent Through Epiphany
Gail Gaymer Martin
The dialogues in this resource are designed for use between a youth and an adult (pastor, parent, or youth leader). Six bulletin formats are included with dialogue scripts.

Worship themes are:
Advent Past, Present, and Future
Jesus Ca

A Dramatic Monologue For Christmas Eve/Day
Harriet Faust
Reflect with Miriam on the nature of God's love and his expectations for his people -- as she find's God's greatest gift in some very unexpected places.

A Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and Story
Georgianna Summers
The familiar music and scripture of the Christmas season is interwoven with prayers and responses for the congregation in this well-crafted Christmas Eve candlelight worship resource.