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Advent Dialogues
Richard H. Goodlin
Richard Goodlin writes: "Having been born in Bethlehem (Pennsylvania), I wondered what it would be like to get a letter from the IRS stating I had to go back to Bethlehem for the purpose of taxation. This gave rise to On The Way To Bethlehem."

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Six Worship Services And Dialogues For Advent Through Epiphany
Gail Gaymer Martin
The dialogues in this resource are designed for use between a youth and an adult (pastor, parent, or youth leader). Six bulletin formats are included with dialogue scripts.

Worship themes are:
Advent Past, Present, and Future
Jesus Ca

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A Dramatic Monologue For Christmas Eve/Day
Harriet Faust
Reflect with Miriam on the nature of God's love and his expectations for his people -- as she find's God's greatest gift in some very unexpected places.

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A Christmas Eve Candlelight Service and Story
Georgianna Summers
The familiar music and scripture of the Christmas season is interwoven with prayers and responses for the congregation in this well-crafted Christmas Eve candlelight worship resource.