Liturgies And Sermons For Holy Week
Robert C. Bankhead
Come In And Worship offers a complete worship resource for your Holy Week needs, including a festival celebration for Palm Sunday, a Holy Communion service for Maundy Thursday, and a tenebrae service for Good Friday. Each features lengt

Six Worship Resources For Holy Week
Are you looking for fresh, vibrant material for Holy Week worship? Do you want your congregation to experience the unforgettable drama of Jesus' suffering, so that they more fully appreciate the celebration and joy of Easter? If so, then you'll want

Liturgies And Meditations On Luther's Small Catechism
Thomas W. Strieter
An acclaimed Luther scholar revisits the wisdom of Martin Luther's Small Catechism in this complete Lenten program. Based on the six sections of the catechism, A Lenten Discipline provides instructive homily/meditations and worsh

Drama For Lent Or Easter
Raymond I. Keffer
The story of Good Friday and Easter Day is dramatized through the device of ”man-on-the-street” interviews. As a radio reporter tries to obtain details of the crucifixion, we hear the viewpoints of many people who witnessed the events, from children

Dialogues And Children's Sermons For Lent And Easter
Donald H. Neidigk
Nine dialogues built around the ”I AM” sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John offer a fresh perspective while meeting the demands of extra services during the Lenten season. Through their interaction with Jesus, various characters gain insight into...

Three Lenten Dramas
Constance Sorenson and Ron Lavin
While we often try to fill the empty spaces in our lives with family, work, and material things, a lingering sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction seems to remain. The connections between biblical characters and these empty spaces in our lives are t...

Lent/Easter, Cycle A
John A. TenBrook
John TenBrook follows up his popular CSS titles Thespian Theology: The Parables Of Jesus As One-Act Plays and Thespian Theology: Advent/Christmas/Epiphany, Cycle A with an all-new collection of fun and enlightening sketches based on Cyc...

A Worship Series For Holy Week
Douglas Behm
The New Covenant’s Power presents worship services and other resources for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunrise. Maundy Thursday - ”Christ’s Power for New Community” - focuses on the Lord’s Supper and the command to love one anothe...

Includes Mission Fair, Bible Studies, Playlets, and Sermons
Randolph Barr and Anne-Rose Reeves
This is a Lenten resource that is thorough in scope and in detail. It offers a stimulating exploration of Christian living in today's world and extends a provocative invitation to Christian discipleship. Tested in the congregation served by the au

A Good Friday Worship Service
Paul J. Weckle, Daniel Thompson, Annette Thompson, Franklin A. Dvorak
Ever wonder how the word of Jesus’ death was communicated to his many followers? This ecumenical Good Friday worship service is based on the authors’ speculation that such an important event must have first been proclaimed and passed from eyewitnesse...