A Bible Study for Lent
Bill Thomas

Bill Thomas' Surrounded by Grace: A Bible Study for Lent is a tool based on the Gospel of John to help pastors, small groups and congregations answer the question of what grace is in a modern context. From the story of Jesus turning water into wine at the wedding in Cana to his conversation with the Samaritan woman at the well, Thomas uses John's words to affirm that the Lord's favor extends to all no matter how insignificant we see ourselves or our problems.

Lenten Dialogues For Lectionary Cycle B
Roger E. Timm

Useful for a midweek Lenten gathering, a Sunday worship service, a retreat setting, or private and group devotionals, Acting Out the Messages of Mark and John relies on simple dialogue and staging as it introduces us to biblical characters such as Peter and his wife, Anna; St. James the Less and his parents, Alphaeus and Mary; Nicodemus; Jairus; and Mary of Bethany. Timm imagines each character's response to their immersion into the often-surprising narrative of God's kingdom, and he reveals ancient questions that many within today's church still ponder: Who is this man named Jesus? What is our response to divine forgiveness? What does Jesus' resurrection mean for us?

Dialogues And Children's Sermons For Lent And Easter
Donald H. Neidigk
Nine dialogues built around the ”I AM” sayings of Jesus in the Gospel of John offer a fresh perspective while meeting the demands of extra services during the Lenten season. Through their interaction with Jesus, various characters gain insight into...

Gospel Sermons for Lent/Easter, Cycle B
Donna Schaper
Through fascinating anecdotes and narrative stories, Donna Schaper relates these ancient texts to contemporary situations. She skillfully applies the Gospel of life and hope to circumstances of suffering and death...

Creatively Preaching the Fourth Gospel
Brand Eaton
The sermons of So that You May Believe: Creatively Preaching the Fourth Gospel employ a variety of homiletic strategies and form, including sermon-in-verse, first-person narrative, parabolic storytelling, and an example of Puritan "plain sermon." The sermons are theologically sound, engaging, and instructive for exploring various sermon constructions and preaching approaches. Teachers of homiletics and biblical interpretation can employ the book as a secondary resource offering examples of unique strategies for interpreting and teaching the gospel.

Signs In The Miracles Of John's Gospel
Forrest Chaffee

Finding and using apt illustrations to enhance a sermon or Bible study is a fine art. In this book, Forrest Chaffee proves himself a master at this endeavor. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to plumb the depths of some of the

Cycle B Sermons for Lent & Easter Based on the Gospel Texts
Timothy W Ayers

At times Rev. Ayers brings humor to the scene in order to lighten the mood of the listener. The body relaxes when we laugh and that helps us to hear the message. Imagining the Gospels hopefully will achieve this.

This book will make life easier for any busy pastor during the Lent and Easter season, by providing a sermon for each and every Sunday, when attendance is likely to be at its highest.

A Commitment To Encounter Christ Through The Gospel Of John
Richard F. Bansemer
Here is a book of commentary and prayers based on the Gospel of John, the most intimate gospel of them all, written by one who was next to Jesus at the Lord's Supper, the only disciple with Jesus at the cross, and the one given the commission to care

Don't Despair Passages in the Gospel of John
Ron Lavin
It's a lovely thought that through one's congregation we can gain, and also give to each other, help in times of despair. Paul wrote to his Thessalonian Christians: "Therefore encourage one another テ encourage one another and build up each other, as indeed you are doing" (1 Thessalonians 4:18; 5:11). Ron Lavin illustrates this principle elegantly in the following chapters as he examines the passages in John's

Sermons For Lent, Holy Week, And Easter
Charles Mountain
The Gospel of John, reveals the glory of Jesus in suffering, weakness, pain, and defeat. Author Charles Mountain takes the ironies of John and directs his message to today's hurting Christians.

The messages in this book are directed to those