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Gospel Sermons For Lent/Easter, Cycle A
Albert G. Butzer III
Albert Butzer believes that ”sermons should speak to the real and immediate lives of listeners and be grounded in the everyday events of their lives.” This collection of sermons for Lent and Easter based on gospel texts definitely achieves that goal;

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Second Lesson Sermons For Lent/Easter, Cycle A
Harry N. Huxhold
Harry Huxhold's excellent sermons build on the epistle texts from the lectionary to express and explain the meaning of the Lord's passion and resurrection. His messages interpret the events of Jesus' life in the light of God's revelation to us throug

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Series II, Cycle A
Charles L. Aaron Jr., Lee Griess, Mark Ellingsen, Wayne Brouwer, Chris Ewing
Share God's truth in words that engage not only the mind but also the heart with this complete set of insightful and inspiring sermons based on Gospel texts from Cycle A of the Revised Common Lectionary. Five outstanding preachers from diverse denominations skillfully weave together scripture

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Six Lenten Sermons And Worship Services
Robert C. McCreight
The Psalms have long been recognized as a rich resource for individual spiritual enrichment and for magnificent corporate liturgical expression in the life of the church.

The Psalms Were Made For Lent provides a collection of six sermo

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Sermons For Special Sundays
Alex A. Gondola, Jr.
Almost every month in the year has a secular holiday -- and on those ”special” Sundays, preachers need to balance honoring the occasion with maintaining their focus on the proclamation of God’s Word. It can be a challenging task, but it also presents

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An Anthology
CSS Publishing
These field-tested materials represent the creative effort of many denominations. Each includes ideas for preparation, items needed, suggestions for use, number of parts, and the time for best use.

This complete Lenten volume for busy ministe...

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Six Worship Services
Ellery Lane
Each of these six worship services includes a meditation of about fifteen minutes, as well as prayers, suggested hymns and responsive readings.

A service based on the Seven Last Words
A call to service
An evening service for Lent

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A Sermon Series
Maurice A. Fetty
This sermon series for Lent/Easter is fast-paced and illustrated with stories and anecdotes that keep the attention of readers and listeners. With titles such as ”The Challenge To Change,” ”The Challenge Of Tragedy,” ”The Challenge Of No-Fault Religi...

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Coloring Book
Jane Lawrence
Easter eggs, chicks, rabbits, lambs and new clothes ... how do these seemingly secular symbols relate to the real Easter story - the death and resurrection of Christ?

All of the symbols or traditions in this ”coloring book” have their real beg...

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Volume 1
Janice B. Scott
Because I believe that God is in every part of life but does not intrude unless invited, these stories follow a similar pattern. That is, they are about God and Christianity, but they do not intrude unless invited. Above all, they are for enjoyment, because that too is what I believe about God -- that God should be enjoyed.