A Treasury Of Blunders And Bloopers From Church Bulletins And Newsletters
Linda M. Jump
To err is human. Fortunately, so is the ability to laugh at our mistakes. And this collection of actual bloopers and blunders from church newsletters, bulletins, and pulpits across the country will keep you laughing for a long time to come.


Defining and Planning Our Congregational Economic Development Mission
Karl Evans
In the Old Testament, the Jubilee year was a celebration of restoration of lands and elimination of debts. In contemporary America, however, many areas are struggling under the weight of poverty and hopelessness in a new and uncertain economy. In these areas, the church must stand not only as a beacon of hope, but also as a catalyst for

Hymnfest For The Church Year
Ruth M. Buenting
This companion volume to Gloria: Letters From Hymnwriters provides:

a brief commentary for each season of the church year
imaginative letters from the writers of traditional hymns
suggested hymns by the writer of each letter to