An Introduction to Luther's Theology
Lennart Pinomaa
In Faith Victorious Pinomaa presents a highly lucid and penetrating discussion of some of the major themes in the theology of the great Reformer. Numerous quotations from Luther himself enliven the treatment of such subjects as revelation, red

A Historical and Theological Perspective
Hans Schwarz
All human beings--indeed, all creatures--experience evil in various forms. How can the hurtful and harmful aspects of life be understood and faced? What differing perspectives on evil can be gained from
- Behavioral science and psychology
- B

Jesus' Experience of the Transcendent
Bernard J. Cooke
The issue of Jesus' self-consciousness remains at the forefront of New Testament studies. In this book, Bernard Cooke exhibits courage and tenacity as he reconstructs, with full acceptance of historical criticism, the religious self-consciousness of

Beverly Van Kampen
A handbook offering step-by-step instruction and encouragement for those who desire to teach the Bible with effectiveness and joy. People who have used this book call it an essential guide for Bible study and small group leaders.