Twelve Worship Resources For Holy Week
Cynthia Cowen and Stephen Cowen
Death took me. I found myself in an empty, dark void. I don’t remember anything of it, just emptiness. Then I heard his voice, ”Lazarus, come out!” Jesus called me from death to life. Struggling through the darkness, I came out of my tomb. (fr

Resources For Palm Sunday Through Easter
Friedrich Rest
Our Christian Worship: Resources For Palm Sunday Through Easter, contains original and selected, contemporary resources for worship for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter.

Our Christian Worship features opening

Worship Services For Ash Wednesday And Holy Week
William R. Grimbol
Here are five creative worship services for five special days on the Christian worship calendar. Each service involves the congregation in responsive readings, participation in contemporary prayers, and appropriate hymnody, psalmody, and scripture. E

Monologues For Lent And Holy Week
Cynthia S. Baker

Nine brief monologues for Lent are spoken by:
• Simon of Cyrene (for Ash Wednesday)
• Tamar of Jerusalem
• Zimri the Pharisee
• King Herod
• Pilate and Claudia
• Thomas
• The Centurion
• Mary Magdalene (for Easter sunrise)

This book also includes a youth one-act for Palm Sunday and a Maundy Thursday meditation. Directions to make a cross and whip for use in two monologues are part of the book.