Commentaries On Science/Technology Themes
George L. Murphy
How have preachers handled questions about science and religion? Largely by ignoring them. But many people are asking questions about the significance of the Christian message in an age of technology.

Cosmic Witness will help...

Cycle B
John R. Brokhoff
Your partner in intelligent, meaningful sermon preparation Cycle B

The Situation
The Setting
Cultural and Historical Contexts
Other Lectionary Texts For the Day
Meanings and Derivations of Key Words

Commentaries for Cycle C
Wayne Brouwer, Timothy Cargal, David Kalas, Craig MacCreary, Rev. Dr. Mark J. Molldrem
For each Sunday in Cycle C, the writers and editors of "Charting the Course," an integral part of Emphasis: A Lectionary Preaching Journal from CSS Publishing Company, delve into the heart of the lectionary readings, providing you, the pastor with in-depth lectionary-based commentary; relating several fresh, solid ideas -- based squarely on the lectionary texts -- for creating sermons

Terence J. Keegan, O.P.
”Scholars have realized that the evangelists were theologians, each of whom had a unique insight into the mystery of salvation.” In A Commentary On The Gospel Of Mark, Terence Keegan takes up the unique insight of Mark: ”the Good News is insep...

Background Briefs on Lectionary Texts
Norman A. Beck
This book provides guidelines and resources for homilies and sermons, worship planning, and Scripture study based on the texts in Year C (Cycle C) in The Revised Common Lectionary: Consultation on Common Texts (Nashville: Abingdon, 1992). It is a thoroughly revised and updated replacement for Norman A. Beck, Scripture Notes for