Ronald H. Nash
An illuminating book that throws down the gauntlet to those who would capture evangelical Christianity for leftist causes. A free market champion, Nash insists that socialism caricatures capitalism and disadvantages more than it helps the needy.

St. Augustine's Theory of Knowledge
Ronald H. Nash
St. Augustine is not only the bridge that links ancient philosophy and early Christian theology with the thought of the Middle Ages, but one who, in his philosophy and especially in his epistemology, anticipated some of the most important ideas of Descartes and Malbranche, Berkeley and Kant.

Evangelization and the Subversive Memory of Jesus
Mortimer Arias
This book offers a program for Christian evangelism based on the teachings of Jesus in Matthew, Mark, and Luke.

This is a superb resource volume for those wishing to test the soundness of their understanding and practice of Christian evange

Richard M. Zaner
Ethics and the Clinical Encounter explores the moral dimensions of clinical medicine and the phenomenon of illness, to determine what ethics must be in order to be fully responsive to clinical encounters. Written in a lively and conversational

The Prophets and the Powerless
James Limburg
Sensational books on ?biblical prophecy? that warn of the end of the world continue to make the bestseller lists. James Limburg demonstrates that the actual prophets -- Nathan, Elijah, Amos, Isaiah, Jeremiah -- were less concerned with such questions

Who They Are And What They Believe
Ronald H. Nash
What is the Religious Left?
Who are its key players?
What do they believe?
Do they pose a threat to our freedom?

The American media buzz with critical news about the Religious Right. But what about the Religious Left? Why is t...