Doris Wells Miller
So you've just been asked to put together your church's Christmas pageant -- are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Don't worry... Six Advent Plays For Children provides you with all the tools you need to make this ministry an enjoyable and f

A Children's Church Pageant
Carlene Morton
Sampson's First Christmas is a charming play that's perfect for a holiday children's program in small congregations. The story details the attempts of Sampson Squirrel to discover Christmas. After overhearing a conversation between the rus

A Christmas Pageant For Youth Of All Ages
Georgianna Summers
This delightful Christmas pageant includes speaking, reading, and non-reading parts for all the children in your congregation. Pre-schoolers, younger children, older youth, and their adult audience will all enjoy exploring a variety of charming Chris...

Natividad Briones
This five-copy package of coloring books for young children is based on imagery from A ”Beastly” Christmas (also available from CSS Publishing).

Centering around the theme of the familiar song ”The Friendly Beasts,” A ”Be

A Christmas Pageant
Barney Schroeder
How does Christ come?

Christ comes in Covenant
Christ comes Hidden
Christ comes as Royalty
Christ comes as an Inferior
Christ comes for Sinners
Christ's coming is Timely
Christ comes in many surprising ways!


Two Christmas Pageants
Mary Jane Mulder and Dick Coyle
Here are two delightful Christmas plays for a special celebration with your parish's children, youth, and adults.

The Night Love Was Born by Mary Jane Mulder is a contemporary re-enactment, in word and song, of the first Christmas stor

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Make life easier for you and your congregation by getting the tools and resources you need for an active and enthusiastic Advent season.

Monologues and Children's Lessons for Advent and Christmas
Edward G. Hunter

Jesus Reflects is a book of eight dramatic monologues on the Advent/Christmas theme, coupled with a children's sermon with each monologue. The series begins with Thanksgiving and concludes with Epiphany Sunday.