Strengthening The Commitment To Marriage And Family
Maurice A. Fetty
Many voices are calling for the church to offer words of support and counsel to individuals and families who are working to maintain a stable home life and marriage. The 20 chapters of this book are intended to help pastors and layleaders address the

Dramatic Sketches In Divorce Recovery
Robert Alan Ward
For Christians who have suffered through the traumatic experience of a divorce, these presentations provide the components for maintaining a deep faith while working through the process of suffering and healing.


A Pastoral Care Perspective
John Patton
Forgiving those closest to us who have hurt us is one of the most difficult things Christians are called to do. For pastoral counselors the forgiveness issue creates a particularly serious dilemma, because it places counselors in the position of tell...

An Intercultural Approach to Pastoral Care and Counseling
Emmanuel Y. Lartey
In his holistic and intercultural re-visioning of pastoral care and counselling, Emmanuel Lartey attempts to capture the complex nature of the interaction between people who have been influenced by different cultures, religions, social contexts, orig

The Spiritual Legacy of an Adoptive Family
Kristin Swick Wong
?...a stunningly beautiful and moving book. Filled with expectation, hope and fulfillment, it has something to teach each of us, whether adoptive parents or not, about the love and provision of our faithful God? -- Christine Field

A Journey of Faith and Love into Alzheimer's
Robert F. DeHaan
Described as a book that ’’stands head and shoulders above all other books on Alzheimer’’ disease’’ by Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith magazine.

The story of a boy whose illness healed a community
Scott Philip Stewart
The Healing of Ryne O'Casey takes place in fictional Tynbee, Tennessee, a town in Appalachia that fortune forgot.

Unforgettable, however, are the people who live on the hillsides and in the hollers of Tynbee: Esther and Olie O'Casey, good humored and hardworking--beloved of each other but b

Growing a Parable Life from the Inside Out
Michelle Van Loon
Each chapter begins with the parable as told in Scripture followed by a retelling of the parable in a creative yet biblically faithful way. Then the same parable is reexamined through an actual story of a real person living today.

Two Friends on a Spiritual Journey Together
Sally Miller and Cheri Mueller
Two young moms, writers, and fellow Wheaton College grads share their 18-year friendship weaving personal stories, recipes, and poetry around the theme of seeing the face of God through friends, family, and community.

How to Resolve 10 Common Conflicts and Reduce their Frequency
Marty Trammell, Ph.D. and Rich Rollins, Ph.D
Everyone has conflicts in their everyday lives, here is a way to find solutions to the most common conflicts and reduce their frequency.