Series II, Cycle A
John N. Brittain, David O. Bales, Steven E. Albertin, Larry Lange, Mary S. Lautensleger
The New Testament epistles are much more than just a historical record of the early church -- they are also the heart and center of Christian proclamation, helping us to clearly understand how the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is part of God's cosmic plan of salvation. In

First Lesson Sermons For Lent and Easter, Cycle A
G. Edward Whetstone
The season of Lent and Easter find us Caught In The Acts -- caught in the acts of those who, as Luther said, are both saints and sinners all at once.
Those pastors who read sermons by other preachers, seeking

Cycle A Sermons for Lent and Easter Based on First Reading Texts
Tony S. Everett
Show-and-Tell guides us through some of the earliest accounts in the Bible in Genesis and Exodus, as well as the prophetic words of Isaiah and Ezekiel. During the Easter season, the first readings also explore the beginnings of Christianity as recounted in Acts. By taking us back to the beginning, Dr. Everett offers insight and encouragement into how we can live out our faith today.

Cycle A Gospel Sermons for Lent and Easter
David G. and Marian R. Plant
Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! provides fourteen cycle A gospel sermons for Lent/Easter. In these sermons you will see the mix of the lives of the Plants, committed to social justice, the important context of the role of the church as that which speaks for Christ, and the importance of the need for individuals to take up the challenge of living their faith more fully.

Gospel Sermons For Lent/Easter, Cycle A
Albert G. Butzer III
Albert Butzer believes that ”sermons should speak to the real and immediate lives of listeners and be grounded in the everyday events of their lives.” This collection of sermons for Lent and Easter based on gospel texts definitely achieves that goal;

Gospel Sermons For Lent/Easter, Cycle A
Richard L. Sheffield
Richard Sheffield's preaching is stimulating and unique. Whenever I am burdened or under pressure his pithy insights into the Gospel of our Lord refresh my spirit. They sometimes also sting my soul to pay attention to more significant things in life than preoccupying problems. He is also a courageous preacher when he says things we all think or doubt and dare not to express. He handles life's

Second Lesson Sermons For Lent/Easter, Cycle A
Frank Luchsinger
These messages are written in a lively and exciting style, but the style never overshadows the penetrating content and call to action.

The author leads us through Lent with a focus on the themes of Love, Peace, and Our Inheritance in God. In...

First Lesson Sermons For Lent/Easter, Cycle A
Theodore F. Schneider
In the broken places of our lives, when hope is lost and courage falters ... in that moment God comes to those who will listen. Always he meets us in our desolation, offering us an alternative to our defeat...

Gospel Sermons For Lent/Easter, Cycle A
Mark Ellingsen
There really is good new! God is still eager to save. Prepare yourself for his coming into your life. He is already present. It is all here; the secret to the good and happy life is already manifest and present. (from the sermon ”We Must Be Bl...

First Lesson Sermons For Lent/Easter, Cycle A
Richard E. Gribble
This book of sermons moves from the desert of Ash Wednesday to the cross of Calvary on Good Friday, to the empty tomb on Easter, and finally to Jesus' return to the Father. Richard Gribble's preaching style is vibrant and relevant to the person in th