Ten Narratives in God's Word
Kris Linner
Women and the Word uses first person narratives to engage people with various texts of scripture. The book can be used in small group studies, confirmation groups, retreats, or Sunday school. Whether the narratives are performed, read

20 Biblical Monologues
Jacqueline Sharer Robertson
Solidly rooted in the biblical story, gifted with creative imagination, and acutely aware of issues faced by people today, Pastor Jacqueline Sharer Robertson brings women of the Bible to life in ways that strengthen our relationships with God and

A Complete Lenten Program
Arley K. Fadness
Create stimulating, family-oriented Lenten worship that captivates the imagination with this engaging ”dramily” series. Six humorous sketches, interwoven with brief homilies highlighting key points, update the familiar Old Testament story of Joseph a

A Dramatic Monologue For Lent Or Easter
Lynda Pujado
Mary of Nazareth lived a dangerously demanding, yet holy life, She knew loneliness and poverty and endured extreme hardships of faith while maintaining a close relationship with God. During the crucifixion she knew raging and numbed pain which challe...

Six Monologues Of Biblical Heroes
Lynda Pujado
These six monologues are accompanied by a worship service which includes a call to worship, scripture readings, a pastoral prayer, and suggested hymns.

Monologues include:
A Wise Man

A Liturgy And Dramatic Monologue For Good Friday
William Grimbol
The centerpiece of this Good Friday worship service is the monologue, The Ghost of Judas. Designed to be presented by the pastor or any lay-person who can speak with a sense of drama, the monologue places Judas Iscariot at center stage on the

Seven Lenten Monologues And Companion Worship Services
William R. Grimbol
We have heard from the disciples of our Lord. Each has told us his story time and time again. But what of those who knew Our Lord and his disciples because they had given them their life and nurtured them in Godly homes?

William Grimbol takes

15 Monologues Of New Testament People
Robert F. Scott
In easy-to-understand language these monologues present fascinating details about Greek and Roman society. But more importantly they show how Jesus Christ changed the lives of those whom he encountered.

As you present these monologues with th

People Of Faith Speak To Their Times And Ours
David G. Rogne
Even though the sermon is perhaps the central element of Protestant worship, preachers sometimes have difficulty capturing the imagination of their audiences and communicating the spiritual resources that worshipers need. But the messages in David Ro

A Monologue, Readers' Theater, and Scripts for Drama Ministry
Pam Speights
With this award-winning collection of scripts for drama, readers’ theater, and a monologue, teachers and drama coordinators will find exactly what they are looking for -- plays that touch the hearts of the congregation while also helping the partic...