Lives Of Faith And Service
Robert L. Allen
Whether in business, government, or even ministry, effective leaders must be able to delegate many responsibilities. And because they depend so much on their deputies, it is vital that these leaders have a high degree of trust in their closest adviso...

How to Develop More Faithful Members
Arlon K. Stubbe

Something is wrong. People are going missing, right in front of your eyes! One minute they are staring back at you from their favorite pew, the next Sunday you are looking at an empty spot in that pew. Is there a way to determine ahead of tim

A Look at the Ten Commandments for the 21st Century
David E. Leininger
With the Ten Commandments such an integral part of today's "culture wars," it would seem to be a safe assumption that most people are familiar with what the commandments actually say. Yet many surveys indicate otherwise -- and even when people can name all of the commandments, they often

New Life In The Spirit
John A. Stroman
Tongues Of Fire is a refreshingly bold approach to the study of the Holy Spirit. Stroman explores in depth the various manifestations of the Holy Spirit from that ”wild, weird day” of Pentecost to the characteristics of the Spirit’s activity t...

The Platform of Jesus
Lowell Messerschmidt
When election year rolls around, it's almost as certain as death and taxes. Political candidates hit the campaign trail in droves, making endless appearances both in person and on the airwaves as they pitch themselves and their platforms to voters. Meanwhile, media pundits dissect the candidates' carefully crafted strategies. But what if Jesus were running

The Reign of God and Missional Churches Today
Ron Lavin
In this book, Ron Lavin explores in great depth exactly what witnessing is as well as what it is not. Whether the witness comes from an unnamed high school math teacher or a person one is hoping to marry, a pastor or a priest, it is always the same thing--it is simply the planting of a seed. The

How the Supreme Court's First Amendment Decisions Affect Organized Religion
Kathryn Page Camp
An unbiased account of the effect Supreme Court decisions have on organized religion.

  • Features the largest number of actual cases in one volume ever made available to the general public.
  • A perfect resource for the library of those who are touched by the First Amendment and freedom of religion issues.
  • A great reference for

A Children's Curriculum For Understanding Disabilities
Disabilities In Ministry Committee of the North Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church
This series of thirteen lessons will help children learn to respect persons with disabilities and treat them with compassion. Stories, skits, games, and role-playing will teach them that God loves each person individually, no matter how different the

Ronald H. Nash
An illuminating book that throws down the gauntlet to those who would capture evangelical Christianity for leftist causes. A free market champion, Nash insists that socialism caricatures capitalism and disadvantages more than it helps the needy.

The Sociology of American Religion
David O. Moberg
The book's eight parts treat characteristics of American churches, types of churches, their social functions and dysfunctions, social processes and the church, inter-institutional relations, social psychology of Amercian religion, and professional le