Series IV, Cycle C
James R. Wilson

Lectionary Worship Aids by James R. Wilson is a lectionary book based on Cycle C of the Revised Common Lectionary. Here are some of the topics covered in this lectionary book:
- Worship
- Worship resources
- Worship services
- Worship aids
- Lectionary
- Cycle C of the Revised Common

Series IV, Cycle A
Beverly S. Bailey
The church is a wonderful place to use all of our God-given senses, and this inspiring collection of liturgical resources utilizes art, music, drama, silence, and even aromas to retell the marvelous story of God's covenantal relationships with humank

19 Congregational Worship Resources, Cycle C
Pamela Urfer
A fresh look at scripture, a new presentation of the gospel, a deeper communication for God's truths -- this is what church drama has to offer.

Sunday Morning Readers' Theater, C, offers 19 skits for use during the church year. Each skit's performance falls between five and 10 minutes with the exception of readings for major church days.

"What I hope to do is to help people see the

Series III, Cycle A (revised & expanded)
Amy C. Schifrin with Martha Shonkwiler
If you're looking for ways to add excitement to your Sunday morning services while continuing to follow the lectionary texts, look no further! This remarkably inventive volume includes all the core liturgical elements of worship and introduces your congregation to innovative ventures into the fine arts -- yet everything

New Hymns for the Church Year Calendar with Old Familiar Tunes
Clyde W. Wentzell
This book offers 69 reflections inspired by the Psalm readings for every Sunday and major festival in Cycle B of the Revised Common Lectionary, each set in several verses and metered so that they can be sung with familiar tunes found in many hymnals. The texts creatively express

Series IV, Cycle C - Soul Motions
Julia Ross Strope
This comprehensive library of creative liturgical material helps you design worship that transforms Sunday services from empty ritual into an individual, collective experience with the Holy. Julia Ross Strope takes worshipers on a journey to the sacred dimension with words and images that highlight the connection of our souls to God's heart. For every Sunday and other major occasion throughout the church year, this volume provides inclusive and affirming resources - calls to worship, a wide variety of prayers, hymn suggestions, and brief sermon ideas - all specifically based on the day's readings and using contemporary language that connects with the people in your pews.

Series IV, Cycle A
James R. Wilson
Call to Worship, Collect, Prayer of Confession, and three suggested hymns based on each lectionary text (First Lesson, Second Lesson, Gospel) are provided for every Sunday of the year in cycle A. Additional non-lectionary days such as All Saints, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Worldwide Communion Sunday, and parent's days are also included.

Series V, Cycle A
Dallas A. Brauninger
This handy worship resource provides pastors and worship planners with a worship theme for each of the three scriptural texts for each Sunday and major observance in Cycle A. Also included for each First Lesson, Second Lesson, and Gospel text are Call to Worship, Collect, Prayer of Confession, and Hymn Suggestions. An index lists hymn tunes, hymn titles, and the worship hymnals they are drawn from.

Dallas A. Brauninger, a graduate of Albion

Based Upon Cycle C Gospels
Dennis Koch
We frequently stumble into rough places which need to be made smooth. People abuse people. Streets are unsafe. Values are determined by majority vote. Ethics are shaded by The ”bottom line.”

From the prayer for the Second Sunday of Advent

Scriptures For The Lectionary Speaking Choir, Cycle B
Dallas A. Brauninger