A Good Friday Tenebrae Service
James C. Killough
The focal point of this service is fourteen candles with a larger Christ Candle in the middle. As the service progresses the fourteen candles are extinguished and the worship area becomes increasingly darkened, until at the end of the service only th

Ten Dialogues On The Passion
Rolland R. Reece
Add flesh and blood to some familiar biblical characters with this collection of short presentations which offers a humanizing glimpse into the lives of a dozen individuals who played crucial roles in Jesus' death and resurrection. Each dialogue is a

A Grand Jury Investigation Into The Trial And Execution Of Jesus
Robert Kleinke
What really motivated the main characters in the events surrounding Jesus’ death? Was Judas merely a pragmatic man dealing with the unpleasant realities of everyday life in an occupied land? Was Herod an honorable leader of the Hebrew people who was

A Maundy Thursday Resource
Marion Fairman
This service requires little preparation and involves only three readers. The build up to Holy Communion is dramatic and scriptural, climaxing in the betrayal of Judas, the sense of corporate guilt and the need for forgiveness.

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Three Easter Sunrise Services
Mary Lu Warstler
Brevity and flexibility are the strengths of this volume. Each of these three drama-based Sunrise services takes only about 30 minutes to perform. The maximum number of participants required is nine and the minimum is four. Ages of the participants c

Paradoxes of the Passion & What Shall I Do, Then, With Jesus Who Is Called Christ?
Douglas E. Meyer
These services can be used by any number of participants, and include an order of service. Paradoxes Of The Passion examines the circumstances leading up to the crucifixion of an itinerant preacher from Galilee. What Shall I Do, Then, With

Celebrating The Mystery Of Lent And Easter Through Drama
Kathy Martz, John O. Eby, David H. Covington, Carol Secord, Will Rabert, Frank Ramirez, and Kenneth Carlson
Create memorable services that help worshipers experience the profound sadness of the crucifixion as well as the marvelous joy of the risen Christ with this diverse collection of ready-to-use dramatic material. With ample selections for Lent, Holy We

Seven Messages For Good Friday Or Lent Based Upon Mark's Passion Narrative
R. Sheldon MacKenzie
The Isolated Jesus has many uses. The seven meditations were originally written for a three-hour Good Friday liturgy. The meditations may be adopted for Lenten study groups, for dramatization during mid-week Lent services or for special times during Holy Week. 

The book includes a suggested order of service for a three-hour liturgy. 

A Tenebrae Service (May Be Used With Communion)
J. B. Quisenberry
”I was very impressed with the tenebrae service ... I like the way it flows and keeps the message before us.”
Rev. Len Huff, Pastor
Mount Carroll United Methodist Church
Mount Carroll, Illinois

”(A Service Of Shadows

A Maundy Thursday Service
Kirk W. Bruce
This service brings to life for young and old the ministry and work of Jesus Christ. Participants include a storyteller, Jesus, a narrator, two speaking disciples, and ten disciples to serve Holy Communion to the congregation. Preparations are simple